Galapagos (Ecuador) und Cocos (Costarica) are called the "Biggfish - Hits" of the pacific. These islands are visited by thousands of divers every year. The colombian islands GORGONA and MALPELO situated in the same area, profiting from the same cold and warm currents, are visited by nobody. Thats because Colombia is a white spot in the touristic map. But iIf you want to see the "Biggys" you have to go where nobody else goes...

GORGONA and MALPELO has been "Papillon-stile" prisoner islands at the end of the world. This kept them free from fishing industry, and tourism. In 1980 the islands and surrounding waters were declared a national park by the colombian government.To join this islands today you need special permission. We have this permission and a Live-aboard.

Malpelo is a small (one-quarter by two miles) rocky island far off the coast of Colombia. It is as remote as Cocos Island, and has all of the same dramatic marine life - schooling hammerheads, giant mantas, whale sharks, porpoises - as it's more famous (and frequently visited) neighbor. Dive sites at Malpelo share many characteristics with those at Cocos. There are sheer granite cliffs that plunge into deep water. One of these, known as the Alter of the Virgin, can have hundreds of free-swimming moray eels, huge snappers and groupers, dolphin and mantas. Another site, a group of pinnacles off the northern end of Malpelo, is called the Three Musketeers. Here, divers enter a series of tunnels and caverns (including a huge one called the Cathedral) filled with countless thousands of silvery baitfish, dozens of lobster, white-tipped reef sharks and large numbers of goatfish, grunts, jacks and groupers. A third site, La Gringa, is where divers go for real shark action. Hundreds of female hammerheads line up in strong currents just off the granite wall right in front of you. As those of you who have dived Cocos know, they are always there by day, then leave to feed at night. Gorgona is bigger, and has a extraorinary tropical forest with many endemic species. Diving is similar in most Aspects to that of Malpelo.

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Regular tours run by Colombia Outdoor Experience include:

  • Carribean Visit the San Bernardo Islands a Caribbean region far from mass tourism - private beachhouse, own boat, diving and fishing best of the caribbean..
  • Diving Challenges in the Pacific Live Aboard tours for Bigfish divers to unknown Islands in the Galapagos and Cocos Area. - Gorgona and Malpelo(Colombia)
  • Riding vacations in Cardonal for riders and wildlife watchers on our own 800 Head Horse and Cattle Ranch Cardonal - riding nonlimit, crocodile Safari at night, jungletours in small groups...all inklusive.
  • Fire and Ice A trip to the Volcanoe national park a group of active Volcanoes of (5.300-5.700) with extraordinary Flora and Fauna.(Starts from Cardonal)
  • San Augustin Visit the misterious megalithic culture in the andinean main chain and see the extraordinary stone monuments...
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