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Crocodile Safari in CARDONAL at night

We leave the farmhouse with a jeep and reach the crocodiles lake after a ten minute tour. The eyes of the crocodiles are shining in dark red reflecting the lights of the car. You can see about 30 crocodiles eyes all watching the visitors. The guide turns off motor and lights and check the ground for snakes before the guests leave the car.With a electric lamp in your hand you follow the Guide who silently and slowly is checking the shore of the lake in search of crocodiles. With his handlamp he can "Hypnotisise" the crocodiles, what enables him to aproach very closely so that he can catch some of them by hand (small ones) The bigger ones (up to 1m)he catches with a peace of wire. After a short fight the croks give up and stay completly quiet. You can touch them and get your photos. Set free, they immediatly return to natural behavior. You also will board a little boat and aproach silently to the bigger Crocodiles which generally swimm in deeper waters. Some of them reach two and a half meter maybee more... Returning to the Farmhouse we have a drink and the hardcore people are sure that they will try it themselfes tomorrow...and some of them really will catch a crocodile with their own hands before they are leaving CARDONAL.

Regular tours run by Colombia Outdoor Experience include:

  • Carribean Visit the San Bernardo Islands a Caribbean region far from mass tourism - private beachhouse, own boat, diving and fishing best of the caribbean..
  • Diving Challenges in the Pacific Live Aboard tours for Bigfish divers to unknown Islands in the Galapagos and Cocos Area. - Gorgona and Malpelo(Colombia)
  • Riding vacations in Cardonal for riders and wildlife watchers on our own 800 Head Horse and Cattle Ranch Cardonal - riding nonlimit, crocodile Safari at night, jungletours in small groups...all inklusive.
  • Fire and Ice A trip to the Volcanoe national park a group of active Volcanoes of (5.300-5.700) with extraordinary Flora and Fauna.(Starts from Cardonal)
  • San Augustin Visit the misterious megalithic culture in the andinean main chain and see the extraordinary stone monuments...
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